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Choose between 4 packages.....


The Basic +

30 Mbps Download*

6 Mbps Upload


The Streamer +

75 Mbps Download*

25 Mbps Upload


The Gamer +

150 Mbps Download*

50 Mbps Upload


The Extreme +

200 Mbps Download*

50 Mbps Upload

*An Install Fee of $100 and First Month Service due after a successful sight survey and install of service. 

*Because Lost Creek Wireless wants to be honest with our customers. Package availability depends on quality of signal the tech can obtain at time of Survey. Our goal is to provide the Best Customer Service and Internet you deserve. This is why we would never want to sell you something we could not provide. *All speeds are up to .


     NO Contract.                          Unlimited Usage.                     Cancel Anytime.

Optional Monthly Services

Basic Router <1500 Sq Ft


Service Calls


(First service call free.)

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