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Q. Is this like Satellite Internet?

   A. NO, we use the technology of long range WiFi to communicate from the tower to home with a dish much like this one. Giving you better ping times, speed and more reliability in storms. We do not require a trip to space to bring you the internet.

Q. Are the speeds Guaranteed?

   A. Unfortunately in the internet world speeds can never be guaranteed only up to. Network traffic and congestion can always dampen a speed test. All though this can not be guaranteed at all times Lost Creek will do its very best to insure that you always have your Internet and the speed you pay for ready when you are. 

Q. When is my Bill Due?

    A. The bill is always due on the same date monthly that you initially started service. This eliminates the need for proration. (Need a different billing date? No worries we got you covered.  Just be aware of prorated charges.)

Q. Do I need my own Router?

     A. No, We do offer a managed router for little cost to you if you do not own one but Customers are more than welcome to use their own newer router (must be 2015 or newer)*.


*Lost Creek Wireless will not be able to troubleshoot any issues with out charging a service call if the Customer elects to use their own router. Lost Creek Wireless will not be held accountable for any damages the customer does to their own device.

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